FIH Partners advises Axcel and EG A/S on the carve-out and

Divestment of EG's Service business

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What you should consider

Selling your company, or parts of it, is a major strategic decision, requiring careful and diligent assessment of a range of issues including the following key questions:

  • How will shareholders, customers, suppliers and other related parties react to the transaction and what is the best communication strategy for each of these groups?  
  • What are your exit alternatives - divestment to a strategic or financial acquirer or an IPO? 
  • What is the potential value and how can it be optimised through preparations in advance of a potential exit? 
  • Who are the relevant possible acquirers and how should the equity story be tailored to maximise their level of interest? 
  • Is the timing right or will the value change significantly in the near future? 
  • What is the optimal transaction structure - complete or partial sale, asset or share transactions, payment in cash or shares, earn-out options? 
  • How should the divestment process be designed to optimise competition and minimise execution risk? 
  • How can management and key staff best be incentivised to support the process? 

How we assist our clients

Having advised on more than 58 divestments since 2007, FIH Partners is the undisputed market leader in Danish sell-side M&A advisory services and we have the largest, most experienced sell-side advisory team in Denmark. 

We have an unparalleled track record of offering end-to-end sell-advisory services to companies in Denmark or Danish-owned companies located abroad and we can assist you in all the key aspects of a divestment:

  • Analysing your strategic alternatives: Assessment of exit alternatives, assistance in aligning your corporate strategy and designing the exit route to maximise future value, early testing of interest and positioning your equity story to address key value triggers for potential investors or new owners, etc.  
  • Preparing the sales process: Acquirer screening and analysis, tactical design of the sales process, drawing up marketing material and documentation, preparation of the management team, coordination of other advisors, preparing action plans for managing potential deal-breaker issues.  
  • Executing the sales process: Acquirer contact and correspondence, arranging presentations to potential acquirers, due diligence coordination, issue handling, bid instructions, tactics, negotiation, assistance with closing activities, managing communications with all stakeholders throughout the process. 

Our firm conviction is that our relentless focus on preparation and strategic analysis, our experience of early identification of key value drivers and the unique design of our sales material and sales processes are essential to the documented value creation we offer our clients.

We believe that our unparalleled experience of selling Danish companies will secure substantial value creation and reduce execution risk in the divestment of your company.


Selected references

Carve-out and divestment of EG’s Service business

FIH Partners advises Axcel and EG A/S on the carve-out and divestment of EG’s Service business to DXC Technology

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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Divestment of Danske Commodities to Equinor

FIH Partners advised on the divestment of Danske Commodities

Deal value:
EUR 400 million

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Divestment of Louis Poulsen

FIH Partners advised Polaris on the divestment of Louis Poulsen

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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Divestment of Lessor Group

FIH Partners advised on the divestment of Lessor Group to Paychex, Inc.

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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