FIH Partners advises PKA and PFA on the 50%

Acquisition of Walney Extension

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What you should consider

If you are contemplating pursuing an acquisition strategy, you will be facing critical questions that are essential to successfully completing acquisitions without overpaying.

  • How should you best approach the target(s)?
  • How do you best finance the acquisition(s)?
  • Who are the decision-makers of your counterparts, what are their agendas and how do we best address these?
  • Who are your likely competitors for the target and how do we outsmart them?
  • What is the actual value to you of the acquisition, including synergies?
  • Tactically, what is the optimal price to offer?
  • Should the offer be fixed or should it include an earn-out?
  • How can due diligence best be coordinated and reported back?
  • How will different stakeholders react and how can the transaction best be communicated externally?
  • How should you best structure and manage your internal processing and communication?

How we assist our clients

We have been assisting clients in analysing and answering such questions for global acquisitions for more than 21 years. We assist most clients not on only in bidding and execution but also in target identification and prioritisation as well as in internal preparations and assessments. 

With many of our clients, we enjoy long-term relationships in which we assist them in all of their M&A activities. We believe that our enduring client relationships derive first and foremost from the consistent, unrivalled quality and added value that our clients experience from choosing us as their advisors. 

Our ability to add value in acquisition processes comes from our understanding of counterparty behaviour and process options, our ability to devise the best possible response tactics and our experience in early identification and resolution of deal breakers. 

We provide a full range of advisory services through all of the phases of an acquisition. We have carried out all types of transaction from public takeovers in Australia to privately negotiated transactions in the Netherlands and we have advised clients in all major industries.


Selected references

Acquisition of Walney Extension offshore wind farm

FIH Partners advised PKA and PFA on the acquisition of 50% of Walney Extension

Deal value:
EUR 2.3 billion

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Acquisition of biomass-fired power plant project Kent

FIH Partners advises on acquisition of biomass-fired power plant project Kent in the UK

Deal value:
GBP 160 million

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Acquisition of two US onshore wind projects

FIH Partners advises Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners on the acquisition of two US onshore wind projects

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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Acquisition of Sealed Air’s European Food Trays Business

FIH Partners advised Faerch Plast on the Acquisition of Sealed Air’s European Food Trays Business

Deal value:
Not disclosed

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