Transaction: Divestments
Date: May 2011
Deal value: Not disclosed
Process: Private auction
Industry: Retail

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Bisca is a leading Nordic manufacturer and marketer of cakes, biscuits and sweet biscuits and is the market leader in Denmark via well-known brands such as Bisca, Karen Volf and Bakkegaarden. Bisca realised a turnover of DKK 735m in 2009.

The acquirer, Scandza, is a Norwegian consumer goods conglomerate recently established to invest and develop companies within the food and beverage industry / FMCG segment. Scandza is ultimately majority owned by US private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg.

The purchase of Bisca is a key element in Scandza’s strategy and helps solidify the company’s position in the Nordic region. Scandza already owns Sørlandschips AS (Norway’s second largest potato chips company) and Synnøve Finden AS (Norway’s second largest dairy company).